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Foo Fighters, Bring Me the Horizon, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, A Day To Remember, Get Scared, Rise Against, The Used, Three Days Grace, The White Stripes and probably a lot more...

hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, submarine, 500 days of summer, lord of the rings, harry potter, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, the art of getting by, it's kind of a funny story, scenes from the suburb and probably a lot more...

Doctor Who , Black Books, sherlock, skins, primeval, scrubs, misfits, monty pythons flying circus, qi, the big bang theory, the it crowd, lost, and probably a lot more...

harry potter, lord of the rings, eragon, artemis fowl, spiderwick, his dark material, percy jackson and definitively a lot more...

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Erik SöderbergFractal Experience”

In early 2011 I was exploring the relations of geometry, nature and the human being in a series of 25 pictures that I called ”Fractal Experience”. This is part two - continuing the exploration of geometric shapes, patterns, and fractals with an added element: space-time. This time I’ve worked in 3D and produced a set of animated looping gif’s.
I’ve limited each animation to at most 48 frames, most are around 10-15 frames - to keep the file size small and to maximize the creativity with in these frames.

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Very sad and mildly horny

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